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Permeation type SEAL HARD flooring
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Permeation type SEAL HARD flooring

SEAL HARD is a kind of patented and safe hardening agent, density enhancing agent and waterproofing agent, produced by US L&M Construction Chemicals Inc., colorless and odorless. It deeply permeates into concrete faces, provide the concrete surface effect of sealing, enhanced density and hardness, and waterproofing. With longer durability, lower maintenance cost than other hardening flooring material, and guaranteed use safety and non-dusting in many years, the product is an odorless, environmentally safe and easily constructed material conforming to standard of VOC content. Comparing with traditional floors using propylene, epoxy resin or polyurethane, this product can save you a large amount of maintenance and repair cost. Yellowing, fading, rupturing, stripping or unsightly abrasion mark will not occur on floors using this product and the overall appearance will be better over time.

Basic applications

Recommending to use in places where fork-lift and trailer travel such as warehouse, material distribution center, workshop, hypermarket, citizen center, school, airport, sport ground, parking area, hospital, pedestrian path and etc.

Importance about SEAL HARD

1、 Frequent cleaning of floors in the first 6~12 months. Frequent cleaning will enhance the brightness of your SEAL HARD floor and enable the floor resistant to the contaminant permeation. L&M recommends to use diluted soft cleaning agent with high PH value for the cleaning.
2、 Tire track: using L&MCITREX cleaning agent or other brands of lemon-based concentrated cleaning agents to clean off the pertinacious tire track inch by inch.
3、 Oil stain and food besmirch: Oil stain and food besmirch must be cleaned off immediately to minimize the possibility of floor contamination due to long time existing of oil stain and food besmirch. However, SEAL HARD flooring will become naturally resistant to contaminants with the increasing maturation of the flooring.
4、 Flooring cleaning cycle: cleaning cycle is determined based on the flooring life and using degree. Generally, the cleaning frequency(daily) is increased in the first months after completing the flooring, and gradually decreased after 3~6 months. A cleaning machine equipped with 3M black loofah is used to brush and wash the floor, but mop scrubbing is not allowed.
5、 Flooring brightness: flooring brightness relates to two factors, i.e., evenness and strength of the concrete surfaces and complete cleaning plan. Machine smoothened and compact concrete brightens fast and easily while rough, lightly smoothened, porous or worn flooring does not brighten easily. All SEAL HARD treated floors feature hardening, compactness, sealing and dust-prevention. 

Construction and precautions

1、 Floor pretreatment: minimal concrete curing time of one week(extending the curing time in case of low temperature), minimal floor hardness of C25; cleaning up the floor surface before SEAL HARD application, cleaning off the wax in case of using wax-borne curing agent before construction, otherwise, the material will not react with the floor.
2、 Material applying: applying material according to the construction requirements and steps after treating the floors.
3、 Construction precautions: preventing skin, eyes from contacting the material; immediately cleaning with clean water if hands contacting the material; thoroughly cleaning off the surplus material on the floor surfaces.
4、 Curing: completed floor may be opened for use of the client only after a minimal curing of 4h. In the first 3 months of use, keep the SEAL HARD floor cleaned frequently to enable the floor brightening, hardening quickly and becoming highly resistant to contamination.

[说明:1、Customized design based on the client requirements.2、Slight variation of material proportioning based on different environmental temperature and bare ground moisture. Eversun Technical Department reserves the final interpretation right.]

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