Eversun Synthetic Material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is an exclusively foreign-owned company, mainly introduces Japanese and occident advanced production technologies and formulae. With a total investment of USD 3 million and registered capital of USD 2.8 million, the exclusively foreign-owned manufacturer has a floor space of 20 mu (app .13,340 m 2 ). The Business Scope includes producing new generation of building material, combined material, synthetic resin and electronics and chemicals-related material, an operation system integrating production and sales, adjustable production characteristics and painting intervals based on the environmental conditions, climate and temperature change, production formulae improvement depending on the actual environment of China Mainland, design and construction under a environmental temperature of -7 o C, providing high quality products and services to customers.

  Main trades related as below:
  ● New building material
    Epoxy resin floor paint
    FRP acid-base resistance         engineering
    Race track and tennis court of     indoor/outdoor sports ground
    Water-proofing and fireproof     material for roof and wall use
    High-quality internal/external     wall paint
    Macromolecular gravity-         leveling cement

  ● Production and sale of raw material
  ● Engineering design contracting
  ● Engineering construction contracting

  Characteristics of Eversun Materials
Type of paint
Application scope
Ordinary epoxy floor paint, gravity-leveling epoxy mortar material
ESR series
Good gravity-leveling, even and brilliant, joint-free, cutting resistance, staining resistance, acid-base resistance, wear resistance and richness colors
Electronic plant, clean room, instrument & control room, computer room, hospital, operating room, parking area, ward, textile mill and other work places
Low-temperature quick-hardening epoxy ground bedding material


Quick-curing, dust-proofing, moisture resistance, easy cleaning, weathering and whitening resistance
Electronic plant, clean room, instrument & control room, computer room, hospital, operating room, parking area, ward, textile mill and other ordinary work places
Conductive ground bedding material


Good electric conductivity, effective prevention of static electricity generation, durable and wearable, excellent physical & chemical properties, easily cleaned joint-free surfaces
Flooring material for optic precision instruments manufactory, semi-conductor factory, electronic plant, magnetic tape plant, pharmaceutical factory, food products factory, clean rooms and computer rooms of various research institutes
Acid-base resistant FRP paint
Good waterproofing and water resistance, lamination of glass fiber cloth, acid-base resistance, odor-free, wearable
Corrosion preventive ground bedding material for wastewater tank, landscape pond, roof waterproofing, chemical wall, pipeline, paper mill, food products factory, mechanical plants and etc
Highly adhesive flooring material
ESGR Series
High adhesion quality, water resistance, high hardness
Designated epoxy ground bedding material for metal surfaces, oily ground
PU paint, PU filling material


Good air-tightness, light odor, high adhesion, flexibility, weathering resistance, long drying time
Filling material for ground of playing ground, race track, tennis court and etc
Water-borne environmental protection type building material


Low viscosity, long service time, water-whitening resistance
Dust-free room, enclosed space
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